Table Tinner

Modern dining table made completely of solid wood or with white glass top. Table for the kitchen or the living room, available extensible or fixed.

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     35 Days

     Easy assembly

da 0.27 a 0.37 m3

Product Description


Contemporary wooden and eclectic table Tinner; Design table with solid oak legs available in various colors to match a wooden, glass or ecomal top in different shades.

Extending table for the living room, ideal for the kitchen, thanks to the fixed version. The table top is available in two versions: one has a perimeter top while the second version the top is placed between the structure of the two legs.

Table with wooden or ecomalta top:

Fixed table sizes:

  • 85x142 H. 75 cm (6 seats)
  • 85x157 H. 75 cm (6 seats)
  • 85x167 H. 75 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x177 H. 75 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x192 H. 75 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x210 H. 75 cm (10 seats)

Extendable table sizes:

  • 85x142-222 H. 75 cm (6-10 seats)
  • 85x157-237 H. 75 cm (6-10 seats)
  • 85x167-247 H. 75 cm (8-10 seats)
  • 100x177-257 H. 75 cm (8-10 seats)
  • 100x192-272 H. 75 cm (8-12 seats)
  • 100x210-290 H. 75 cm (10-14 seats)

Table with glass top or ecomalta:

Fixed table sizes:

  • 85x140 H. 76 cm (6 seats)
  • 85x160 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 85x180 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x180 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x200 H. 76 cm (8 seats)

Extendable table sizes:

  • 85x140-220 H. 76 cm (6-10 seats)
  • 85x160-240 H. 76 cm (8-10 seats)
  • 85x180-260 H. 76 cm (8-10 seats)
  • 100x180-260 H. 76 cm (8-10 seats)
  • 100x200-280 H. 76 cm (8-12 seats)

The seats shown are indicative and represent the maximum number available, depending on the width of the chairs.

The extensible table has two 40 cm extensions below the top. The extensions open by keeping the perimeter legs so that they do not show any footwork while seated. The extensions are laminated HPL for the version of the glass top while they are in the same material and color for the ecomalta and wooden top.

Product Quality


made of wood

Top and wood extension:

made with wood veneered particle board 1.8 cm thick

Glass top:

made of tempered glass 0.8 cm thick, with rounded corners ENI 1236 - DIN 1238 approved

Glass top extensions:

Made of HPL matching the top


Italian company formed by a group of young designers specialized in the production of tables and chairs with a passion and dedication to the constant research of new materials and advanced technical solutions.

Young company with solid business ideas, for a production all made in Italy in the heart of North-East of Italy, where the quality is a guaranteed. The products are subjected to various laboratory tests to obtain the CATAS certificates that guarantee quality of materials and the use security to offer the end user a qualitative and durable product.


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