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Dining Table realized with natural elements: glass and wood. Modern rectangular table with typical solid base and top available in various sizes.

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0.25 m3

Product Description


Seoul Design table with solid wood original base and tempered glass. characterizing stand consists of two triangular legs joined by a central profile, all well-finished in every detail. The plan rests on the non-slip silicone droplets is extra clear and allows you to have a clear reflection, with no green halos / typical of blue glass.

Customizable dining table in wood finish of the legs and in the measures of the plan.

Measurements room table:

  • 100x180 H. 74 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x200 H. 74 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x220 H. 74 cm (10 seats)
  • 100x250 H. 74 cm (10 seats)

The seating places expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, depending on the width of the chairs.

Modern Dining Table made of natural materials that characterizes the dining room so elegant, pure, with an original and innovative style.

Product Quality


extra light made of 12 mm tempered glass.


made of European oak heartwood, using stainless steel screws and waterproof vinyl adhesive.


Italian company based in the province of Treviso, where he also arranged all the work finishing and quality control. The working process strictly Lavorazione legno MADE IN ITALY it allows to preserve and enhance the tradition of Venetian cabinet-making, allowing you to be a leader in the classical furniture and design industry.

Company operating in the furniture industry with a type of product, which includes both the sleeping area the living area, which uses the ancient techniques of solid wood processing. The finishes used represent the best of traditional Venetian polishing, where the use of natural elements, such as land and beeswax, damage to the product imprint of typical mobile patina handmade. To complete the range, carefully blended colored lacquers that evoke the flavors of yesteryear. The different finishing tones are an expression of uniqueness and craftsmanship of all our products.

Company has always specialized in a niche product focusing attention on the ability to rejuvenate its products and to create a more modern taste and attractive, always focusing on solid wood materials of high quality. Processing, strictly handmade, making each piece unique and can never be replaced by the mechanical work of a plant. This is the secret of this unique company for its strong handicraft vocation.


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