Tavolino Swan

modern coffee table with curved aluminum structure that resembles the shape of a swan. design coffee table with frosted glass oval customizable in various colors.

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Design coffee table Swan from the original shape reminiscent of a swan. Table top table with top in 10 mm thick etched glass available in various colors to match the steel frame with a round base.

Measures oval table: L. 56 P. 48 H. 66 cm

Idelae table to be positioned at the side of a sofa, for storing any object at hand. Apart form the original table is characterized by the sablè finish of the structure that is no more a blasting which makes the surface slightly rough to the touch.


Pezzani was founded in 1974 in Fidenza in the province of Parma, by Giancarlo Pezzani creator of a cart very functional and innovative lockable. Since this product was born the company that is offered in the market by creating unique items, innovative design Prodotti pezzani crafted by skilled artisans and moved by the passion of the craft.

Over the years the company has developed very rapidly, expanding in overseas markets always looking for qualified products of Italian design.

Later in 1992 the children of Pezzani, took over the helm of the company by developing a collection of small pieces of furniture with innovative design characterized by 'harmonious combination of materials like steel, aluminum, glass and wood.

In 2011 the group changed its name becoming "PEZZANI Home collection". The new brand comes from the name of the family company and reinforces the image of Italian manufacturer of elegant and sophisticated furnishings. A choice of marketing that reflects the social transformation in time.


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