Tappeto Cubis

Carpet from the bedroom or living room uni united, valued from the sidelines, which delineate the original elegance, available in two different colors and in two different sizes.

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     30 Days

0.02 m3

Product Description


Contemporary rug Cubis, a bedroom or living room uni united, highlighted by contrasting side lines that enhance the design.

Modern carpet with compact fleece, soft run completely made of acrylic fur. The back of the carpet is instead composed of a coated latex, lined with 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

Measures rug:

  • small: L. 140 cm 200 cm P.
  • great: L. 170 cm 240 cm P.

Product Quality

The fluff that is formed on the carpets, is a natural phenomenon that will disappear after a short period of use. For cleaning, frequently use the vacuum cleaner, in the early days, avoiding models with rotating brushes (carpet).

Thanks to the properties of the yarn used, the majority of stains and spots can be removed with the simple use of water:

  • immediately apply a cloth on the stain to absorb it
  • rinse with warm water, without rubbing
  • let dry flat, intervening if neccessario with a jet of hot air

Carpet wash in water at 30 °.


Italian company that represents more than 35 years, the response to the needs of design furniture for the living area and the sleeping area. The collections are designed to meet the need to harmoniously furnishes the different living spaces.

The elements of the collections for the living area and the bedroom are made of excellent materials and finishes class features and position the 'company in the medium-high target market.

The entire production cycle raced in a technologically advanced factory occupying an area of ​​25.000 in the province of Pordenone. Besides the standard collections are made in the factory any product customizations or made to measure.

The distribution of products is being completed even outside national borders: after achieving a good ranking in the European market, the company is expanding its market penetration in several markets outside Europe.


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