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Mirror of bathroom furniture with a magnifying 3X backlit, LED lights to spread the sides and fog-free system. Modern mirror available cash for music playback.

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cassa a vibrazione che riproduce la musica dei dispositivi mobile collegati tramite bluetooth

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Modern Beauty Mirror with backlit decoration cold LED light (6000 K) activated by an infrared sensor. Integrated in the glass is a mirror 3X magnifier with LED backlight in two shades (light warm 3000 K and 6000 K cold light), selectable by dedicated two-way switch.

Mirror with a series of other diffusion LED lights placed above and below the profile and antifog function, which by means of a heating device placed inside the mirror avoids the settling of the steam. This system can be activated if necessary averaged a place at the side switch that indicates the operation.

Measures mirror bathroom:

  • L. 60 H. 80 cm P. 4
  • L. 100 H. 70 cm P. 4

Design mirror with Ø 14 cm enlarger made safe in case of breakage thanks to the PVC film in case of impact does not allow the crumbling, avoiding the formation of splinters.

And 'possible to equip the mirror with a box for the reproduction of high-fidelity sound. The blue-vibe system system transmits music via Bluetooth from your mobile phone or tablet to the vibrating mirror case.

NOTE For reliable operation of the infrared sensor is ideal to install the mirror at a distance of at least 15 cm from walls or furniture.

Product Quality

Technical features:

  • ease of installation
  • LED light high performance combined with low power consumption
  • mains connection 220 V
  • certification CE
  • IP44 protection


Italian young company located in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia in the province of Pordenone where he develops and designs LED mirrors and mirror cabinets. The goal that is proposed is to offer an innovative product, furnishing, technologically advanced and capable of arousing emotions, creating a special atmosphere.

Qualità In recent years the company has systematically analyzed the possible situations of use of the product, allowing you to offer innovative options that allow you to have better functionality and comfort for personal wellbeing. Certificazioni Among the various options is the use of the plexiglass on the sides which, due to its transparency, provides uniformity of illumination and the new dualwhite system, which with white light to double kelvin temperature allows to satisfy, with the same mirror, different needs.

All products are manufactured to respect the environment, in fact, have low energy and manufactured using recyclable materials. The materials used are certified and do not create environmental imbalances in compliance with regulations that ensure the safety.



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