Slide Cabinet

Contemporary cabinet with sliding doors available in a single color or in different finishes for a design furniture. Wardrobe with customizable sizes, it can be equipped internally depending on your preference.

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     35 days

     Elaborate difficulty

da 0.90 a 3.41 m3

Product Description


Slide cabinet with sliding doors with a central band, which can be customized with one or two different finishes. Wardrobe available with 2 or 3 sliding doors with the possibility to have the mechanism for soft closing.
In the version with "linear" and "composed" doors, the sides of the cabinet are lacquered matt, while in the veneered / glossy lacquered / lacquered oak version they have shiny lacquer finish.

Sizes of the cabinet with sliding doors P. 69,1 H. 239,6 cm e H. 255,6 cm:

  • Armadio scorrevole L. 242,5 cm W. 242,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 257,5 cm W. 257,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 272,5 cm W. 272,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 287,5 cm W. 287,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 302,5 cm W. 302,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 362,5 cm W. 362,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 377,5 cm W. 377,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 392,5 cm W. 392,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 407,5 cm W. 407,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 422,5 cm W. 422,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 437,5 cm W. 437,5 cm
  • Armadio scorrevole L. 452,5 cm W. 452,5 cm

* the compartment cannot be opened completely

Cabinet complete with a recessed handle inside the door profile. Hidden handle painted with metal aluminum color with an extractable hook for the opening of the door.

Maniglia a scomparsa
Misure maniglia a scomparsa

The interior of the cabinet is available in two finishes: textured linen (interior accessories have textured linen and brown larch finish) or textured jute (interior accessories have plotted jute and larch brown finishes). The internal equipment includes a shelf and two hanging rails for each compartment, but they can be implemented with other pieces:

  • Shelf: W. 42,5 / 47,5 / 57,5 / 87,5 / 97,5 / 117,5 P. 51 H. 3,5 cm
  • 1 drawer: W. 87,5 / 97,5 / 117,5 P. 51 H. 32 cm
  • 2 drawers: W. 87,5 / 97,5 / 117,5 P. 51 H. 32 cm (can be suspended)
  • 3 drawers: W. 87,5 / 97,5 / 117,5 P. 51 H. 48 cm
  • Clothes-lift: W. 117,5 cm  (in white finish if the inside of the cabinet is textured linen or in black finish if the inside of the cabinet is textured jute)
  • Sweater organizer (to be positioned between two shelves): W. 117,5 / 132,5 / 147,5 P. 50,5 H. 28,4 cm
  • Pullout trouser rack: W. 117,5 cm (in white finish if the inside of the cabinet is textured linen or in black finish if the inside of the cabinet is textured jute)
  • Internal divider: Sp. 25 mm H. 64 / 96 / 128 / 144 cm
  • Pullout accessory tray: W. 117,5 cm (in white finish if the inside of the cabinet is textured linen or in black finish if the inside of the cabinet is textured jute)
  • Recessed Led with motion sensor (complete with voltage transformer)
  • Led with movement sensor (complete with voltage transformer)

The shelves, the sweater organizer, the trouser rack and the accessory tray can be placed at the height that you want since the internal sides are ready to insert these elements at different heights, spaced 16 cm.

The drawer units can be stacked to achieve more capacious solutions. In addition, the two and three drawers can be customized with dark mirror fronts, for a more refined design.

Product Quality

Doors:Scheda tecnica armadio scorrevole

built with honeycomb panels 40 mm depth with ABS edge in the same color as the door. Removable doors complete with external tie rods and dust cover profile.


made of wooden particles panels 25 mm tick E1 low formaldehyde emission with ABS edging, to match the finish selected.


made of wooden particles panels 35 mm thick E1 low formaldehyde emission with edge matching the panel.


made of wooden particles panels 8 mm thick E1 low formaldehyde emission.

Rails for sliding:

anodized aluminum profile complete with fasteners or activators for shock absorver system.

Internal drawers:

drawer fronts made of wooden particles panels 20 mm thick, with sides in PVC three sides with textured jute 14 mm finish and bottom made of panels 4mm thick.

Pullout frames:

made of aluminum painted with epoxy powders white or burnished

Internal drawer guides and pullout frames:

made of metal with guides that slide on spheres and come with partial extraction and soft closing.


Italian manufacturer of high quality furniture since 1968, it is located in northeastern Italy in the province of Pordenone.

Passion, determination and careful attention to the choice of materials creates the working philosophy, which the base for the production of furniture.

Investments from both human and technological sides allow its factory of over 45,000 square meters to produce with elegance and creative development 150 furniture programs, including the day and night area, to maintain a constant increase in the satisfaction of its customers.


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