In our catalog we offer new articles , which are made just in time by our manufacturing companies. This type of production process allows more reliability and an increase in quality for the product and the customer service . For this reason on each product card you can find how many days are required for the production and they may vary from 2 to 6 weeks .

The lead time (the time needed to manufacture a product) which is reported on each product page represents time that passes from the processing of raw materials to the realization of the finished product .

We try to be more precise as possible on indicating the production weeks but they still must be considered estimates. These time indications have been calculated based on the average production times of the manufacturers and refer to the date of receipt of payment of the order.


The delivery time is the time that elapses from the production start dateright after we receive the order to the delivery of the goods to the address specified in the order phase. This indicative time can be calculated by adding together the production weeks expressed on each item and the days for shipping that vary depending on the destination.

Shippings takes place with specialized couriers in transporting furniture, with telephone notice to the customer to arrange for delivery. In the shipping pageall the useful information regarding the transport service are described in detail.

Logistics is carried out with suitable transport for the delivery of furniture and as these are important volumes it requires a different management of shipping compared to small items. In fact, a loading plan is developed that allows for efficient delivery, on time and at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to the experience gained in recent years and the data provided by our couriers, we have developed shipping estimates that vary for the destination of the goods ordered.


From 7 to 15 days

It may take a few days longer for islands and restricted traffic areas.


From 10 to 20 days

It may take a few days longer for islands and restricted traffic areas.


From 20 to 30 days

It may take a few days longer for islands and restricted traffic areas.


As much as we try to be punctual of the times indicated, it may happen that there are delays in the production or the delivery of the goods not dependent on our procedures. Moreover, during the holiday periods, the times indicated may be considerably delayed due to the closure of production companies and transporters. In these cases we will notify the customer of any lengthening of waiting times.