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Mobile shoe on the ground or suspended customizable in various colors, with the possibility of having to mirror the flap doors. entrance modern shoe cabinet available in different sizes.

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da 0.10 a 0.46 m3

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Shoe cupboard modern Boston from the simple and effective design to contain the footwear in a minimum space. Mobile shoes door with tilt door, which can be in the coloration of or mirror structure thus obtaining a further function. Shoe cupboard ideal for small spaces thanks to the reduced depth, available on the ground or suspended for an elegant and original furnishings.

Mobile shoe customizable in sizes that allow you to tailor the best shoe in the room.

  • Available widths L 50 / L 70 / L 90 cm
  • available depth P. 16 / P. 26 cm
  • Available heights H. 119 / H 157 / H 195 cm

The shoe of H. 195 cm is available with a depth of 16 cm. the internal structure is organized to insert two rows of shoes for the maximum number of entrance door 45 in the cabinet with depth of 26 cm.

Mobile shoe rack made of thermoplastic material with 16 mm thick panels complete with metal handles in aluminum finish.


Show room Italian company located in Friuli in the province of Pordenone that stands out in the market thanks to the production of furniture for the furniture of the most humble and accommodating space.

The production process is 100% Italian and subjected to numerous quality controls and endurance, which are certified by the strict CATAS tests. For the production they are used ecological materials, with the use of advanced machinery for a millimetric definition in detail.

Logo The production is subject to the original solutions with a design that never goes out of fashion and quality that lasts. nate solutions to take care of daily requiring regular: cleaning, washing, ironing and tidying. The furniture is designed and produced to take advantage of any space with versatile furniture, capable of giving every day comfort, quality and practicality.


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