Mirror Plane

Round bathroom mirror cabinet with usefull and creative design, it is available with lateral opening that enable you to put various object for the daily use. 

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0.12 m3

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Round mirror cabinet Plane, with usefull and new design tipical of  made in  Italy. The modern mirror can be opening laterarly sliding white sides that hide some little shelves where put different objects.

Bathroom mirror dimensions:  Ø 90 P. 12 cm

The dimention of sides of the mirror cabinet open is 143 cm. and the singular open side have a distance of 26,5 cm from the edge of the mirror.


This firm is situated near Pordenone and it was born in 1980.

It has an exponential increase of production’s volume owing to the investment in innovative process and machinery so, in 1991, they become a national leader in the field of bathroom furniture. Later, with the expansion of the foreign markets, they become an important player of international market of bathroom furniture. This fact allowed the firm to increase the supply, consequently they expand their productions in order to provide the ideal solution for every enquiries about bathroom furnishings.

The highly flexible modular design add to the innovative materials use to produce bathroom furniture, enable them to front every request also the most difficult, thanking also to the large range of over 300 standard finishes that this firm offer to the customers that could realize their ideal bathroom.


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