ArredoDesignOnline markets products of excellent quality, made with materials that comply with the strictest European standards, respecting the environment and especially the safety of the end users. Because of this the companies we work with are carefully selected to offer our customers the highest quality and solidity of the furniture.

All the products we sell in our virtual catalogue are:

  • Made with certified materials without the use of toxic and/or noxious substances
  • Complete with hardware quality that allows durability
  • Partially pre-assembled with the instruction manual to assist the customer in the installation

Furthermore, each product report features the possibility to display the full collection by the same company so you can choose additional items with the same finishes and materials.

particelle di legno

Wood particles: compound derived from mixing the coarse grinds wood mixed with glue

pannelli mdf

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard): compound derived from the mixing of a fine grinding of wood with glue


Melamine: a thin resin sheet consisting of an agglomeration of wood, paper, urea and melamine glues, applied on panels of wood particles or MDF. This material has a strong formaldehyde emission in the environment, but well within emission class E1, considered the most restrictive with a release of less than 2.5 mg/m & over 2 h.


Laminate: thin sheets made of melamine resins pressed together. A thicker sheet is then obtained, more substantial and with excellent resistance


Polymeric: a plastic film made of PVC or nylon glossy panel that covers the MDF or wood particles.


Veneered: sheet of wood veneer of a thickness varying from 0.5 to 1 mm. These sheets are made from the trunks of trees, and by their nature are not equal but have similar features and colours, giving the furniture a touch of uniqueness.


Plywood: semi-processed by overlapping layers of sheets of wood glued together. The layers must be overlapped so that the fibres result in alternate direction to the panel to ensure a strong resistance to bending, compensating and neutralizing the natural movement of the wood. The result is a stable panel which does not warp.

legno massello

Solid wood: portion of wood extracted from the tree trunk, in particular from the heartwood, which is the inner and denser part (the oldest).


Matt, lacquered wood: a painting that can be applied to the laminate, veneer or directly on MDF. The resulting surface is slightly embossed and silky to the touch, but if you apply the paint on the veneer you get a "lacquered open pore." The lacquered open pore is so named because painting brings out the wood grain

Laccato lucido

Lacquered, shiny wood: a coated polyester brushed that becomes glossy. The lacquer is performed by painting on a perfectly spread base (no dips), laying one layer over another leaving an adequate time to rest between layers