Quadro astratto Roma

Framework with abstract image in relief made of wooden panel, part of the image continues even in the wooden frame.

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Painted abstract Rome, abstract image reproduced in relief on panel, one that also includes wooden support frame. The picture is reliazzato on black background with very clear images.
The frame is an integrated part of the framework, this in fact takes up and continues the image of the central panel but with contrasting colors, the corners are embellished with ornate carvings.

Available sizes:

  • 156 x 86 cm

The framework is made entirely in Italy by order of the customer.

E 'can customize the picture with different base frames or glass, please contact our customer service 0434 1750013

Product Quality

Pannello ligneo scavato

Qua dri furniture of carved wood panel, made of engraved images on wooden support and hand-painted.

The abstract paintings are made entirely in Italy.


Affermata azienda veneziana con grande esperienza nel settore della decorazione artistica.

Una realtà tutta italiana, sempre impegnata nella ricerca del design innovativo e di nuove espressioni artistiche, il tutto finalizzato alla realizzazione di un prodotto originale da collocare nell’arredamento contemporaneo.


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