Pouf Soffice

Ottomans soft pillow from the wide proportions designed to be comfortable in any situation. Ottoman modern living room lined with a colored lining removable and washable.

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     35 Days

1,0 m3

Product Description


Ottoman in the shape of large Soft pillow, made of a special material that makes it soft and easy to maintain and modular form in every position.

Pouf removable modern available in various colors to be chosen with regard to the lining, while the core, partially visible, is in black color.

Measures ottoman cushion: L. 140 P. 110 H. 35 cm

Poufs versatile seating that can be used in three different positions:

  • Location: the pillow rests on the ground horizontally, the larger surface
  • Position B: the pillow rests on the ground in a horizontal, on the seam
  • Position C: the pillow rests on the ground vertically, on the seam

Product Quality


lightweight due to the filling of small pellets of polystyrene, a non-toxic, waterproof and inert


Spandex made of Du Pont, a synthetic microfiber with a high containment capacity. This hygienic material, light and resistant to abrasion has the property of stretching up to 500% of its original length without breaking, no static electricity problems, no "dots" and is resistant to oils, detergents and lotions.


the pouf is composed of two parts, a liner and a core. The inner part covered by the liner is the core which can be washed with a simple sponge. The cover is removable and hand washable by hand or machine

Lavaggio pouf


Italian company formed by a group of young designers specialized in the production of tables and chairs with a passion and dedication to the constant research of new materials and advanced technical solutions.

Young company with solid business ideas, for a production all made in Italy in the heart of North-East of Italy, where the quality is a guaranteed. The products are subjected to various laboratory tests to obtain the CATAS certificates that guarantee quality of materials and the use security to offer the end user a qualitative and durable product.


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