Poltrona Lisa

Chair comfortable and original as with padding able to distribute and regulate body heat, making it even more accommodating the session.

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Product Description


Armchair for elderly Lisa, equipped with thermal regulation thanks to a padding made outlast a fabric used by NASA to carry out the space suits the astronauts. Designed for people who spend a lot of their time in this chair, this material in contact with the human body, it absorbs the heat storing and spreading it evenly offering a lower heating or cooling of the person resulting in less sweating and increased comfort. All this is coupled with a alzapersona mechanism that achieves a perfect upright position even to people with walking difficulties.

There is also the possibility of adjusting the footboard and lifting the reclining back independently of each other, by means of a remote control placed at the side of the chair itself, always at hand. The outer covering is completely removable, while the backrest can be removed by facilitating travel and storage from one room to another.

Measures motorized chair: L. 84 P. 90 H.110 cm

There is also the possibility of equipping the chair of vibro Lisa kit (optional), a system of vibrating plates which is inserted directly within the padding and is operated with the remote control. This generates a vibrating massage that causes vasodilation and increased blood circulation by relieving the sense of fatigue back, buttocks and calves and facilitating relaxation.

Recliner measures detail:

  • seat height from ground: 47 cm
  • seat depth: 51 cm
  • seat depth with footrest folded down and raised: 160 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 120 Kg

Product Quality

Dispositivo medico

The seats are marked by the medical device mark and are entered in the register of the Ministry of Health as a Medical Device Class 1, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 46/97, therefore deductible from income.

This allows the consumer to make use of 'vat reduced to 4% for people with a disability higher amounted to 80%, and appropriate self-certification.


Romagnola company born in the province of Forli, this for decades on the market, builds his divan and its wholly produced armchairs in Italy thanks to the work of craftsmen who know the value of a product designed to improve the quality of life. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, he is able to give its customers an all-Italian quality assurance.


The products of this company are guaranteed for 2 years even if they are designed and built to a life much longer. The choice of the best materials and the most resistant mechanical allow to offer sofas and armchairs robust and suitable for an intense and prolonged use.

The constant and thorough research to satisfy the customer in the best possible way, led to offer its products with a wide range of coatings ranging from the most exclusive natural leather to the most practical and environmentally friendly Eco-Leather. Also many washable fabric coatings, water repellent, stain-resistant and flame retardant. Innovative materials and increasingly efficient contribute to the realization of the ideal product for every need of furniture and personal taste are available.


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