Poltrona Izar

completely removable motorized chair with a choice of the desired degree of comfort, according to your needs. design chair also available with lift-person.

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0.74 m3

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Padded chair relaxing Izar, the result of contemporary design, is appreciated not only for the undeniable comfort for the original form. This living room armchair, so intriguing and unique, is available in different types of fabric or eco-leather and comes with three different types of mechanisms to choose from:

  • motorized relaxation: with simultaneous adjustment of headrest and footrest;
  • motorized lift relaxation + alzapersona: with simultaneous adjustment of the backrest and footrest + alzapersona that leads to the upright position for people with walking difficulties.
  • motorized lift superelax 2 engines + alzapersona: allowed the independent movement of the reclining backrest and foot lift. Both can be adjusted by means of hand individually. Also exists the alzapersona mechanism that allows to reach the upright position with ease and immediacy.

Measures relaxing chair design: L. 72 P. 90 H. 111 cm

Additional information on electric-style living room:

  • depth with footrest folded down and raised: 150 cm
  • height with active alzapersona system: 153 cm
  • seat height from ground H. 44 cm
  • height armrests H. 65 cm from the ground
  • Maximum capacity: 110 Kg

Product Quality


in solid wood and chipboard covered in velvet, anchored to the metal frame.


polyurethane foam with variable density and polyester fiber.


polyurethane foam with variable density and polyester fiber.

cover removal

completely removable.


  • relaxation with 1 Engine: simultaneous movement of footboard and schienate to reach the relax position.
  • relaxing + lift with 1 motor: simultaneous movement schienate and foot to reach the relax position + alzapersona device.
  • superelax lift with 2 motors: backrest independent movement (separate) and footboard + alzapersona.


Italian company born in the province of Pordenone in the 80s, always developing innovative models and in line with market developments.

Over the years, through constant creativity and continuous adaptation to the demands and needs of customers, it has had an exponential growth that has led it to be one of the protagonists of the national market of companies that produce sitting rooms and design living rooms, upholstered beds and accessories such as relax chairs or sofa beds.

This company deals with the entire production process: from the manufacture of wooden structures and upholstery, cutting and sewing of the coatings, to the assembly of the finished product. The entire production is monitored by qualified staff who have gained considerable experience by making functional and aesthetically valuable products, ensuring a high standard Italian quality that becomes an element of trust and protection to the customers.


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