PayPal payment service is the safest and fastest method, and it is used by millions of people for online purchases.

This method allows you to pay by credit card without the need to have a PayPal account.

Major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Postepay, PayPal and prepaid card Aura.

Payment by PayPal is a system that allows you to send payments in a few clicks, protecting sensitive credit card data credit card and for the full purchase amount.

At the time of payment, check that the shipping address matches the one entered with the order on ArredoDesignOnline.

Bank Transfer






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With the bank transfer, you have the option to divide the amount in two payments:

  • Deposit 50%: to confirm the order, which will be put into production.
  • Balance 50%: before the delivery of the order.


In the catalogue of ArredoDesignOnline, two types of prices are shown for each product:

  • List Price: this is the price that manufacturers offer and is displayed crossed out.
  • Special Price: this is the final price of the item you want to purchase.

The Special Price varies automatically depending on the configuration of the product and the quantity calculated by the Price List, DISCOUNTED of a percentage that depends on the collection choice.

Above amounts of Euro 1,200.00 FURTHER DISCOUNTS are planned that can be displayed only when you click the button . You will always find the final price that guarantees transparency and convenience in your basket.

For Italy, the Special Price includes VAT and transport, while for European Union countries Special Price includes only VAT, to which we must add the cost of transport.

For countries outside Europe, the Special Price does not include VAT, to which we must add the cost of transportation that are inclusive of customs duties and the costs of exporting. On site are VAT and import charges that depend on the country of destination.