Modular sofa Paul

Design modular sofa customizable in size and coating, wich can be fabric, leather or faux leather. Modern sofa with many elements to make tailored compositions.

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     4 weeks

0.06 m3

Product Description


Paul is a modular design sofà which can be tailored. The elements can be purchased individually or can be combined with each other to form an angle or linear composition

Elements for a modern sofa composition  with seat height 40 cm:

Central elements
Side with shelves and bookcases Angular Angular with shelf and libraries Peninsula and bench
  • W. 85 D. 100 cmCentrale L. 85 cm
  • W. 125 D. 100 cmCentrale L. 125 cm
  • W. 145 D. 100 cmCentrale L. 145 cm
  • W. 165 D. 100 cmCentrale L. 165 cm
  • W 185 D. 100 cmCentrale L. 185 cm
  • W. 135 D. 100 cmLaterale L. 135 cm
  • W. 175 D. 100 cmLaterale L. 175 cm
  • W. 195 D. 100 cmLaterale L. 195 cm
  • W. 215 D. 100 cmLaterale L. 215 cm
  • W. 235 D. 100 cmLaterale L. 235 cm
  • W. 105 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 105 cm
  • W. 145 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 145 cm
  • W. 165 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 165 cm
  • W. 185 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 185 cm
  • W. 205 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 205 cm
  • W. 235 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 235 cm
  • W. 255 D. 100 cmAngolare L. 255 cm
  • W. 85 D. 165 cmPenisola L. 85 P. 165 cm
  • W. 100 D. 165 cmPanchetta L. 100 P. 165 cm

To obtain the angular compositions you can buy the angular sofa combining it to another element of the same or another type. Alternatively you can buy the items along with a peninsula or a bench.

The sides and angular of length 235 cm and 255 cm can have a shelf or library without changing the size. It's possible to insert the shelf or library also in the peninsula by increasing its dimensions.
Peninsula with the option of the shelf or library is: W.110  D.165 H. 80 cm

Direction of the elements:

  •      Angles and side proposed in the above picture are right
  •      The bench proposed in the above picture is right
  •      The positioning of any shelf or library in the peninsula, in the side or corner unit, is to be considered right or left looking from the front of the element

Customizable sofà with a variety of fabric, leather and faux leather finishes to choose from. The sofa comes is completely removable with fabric coating and it is partially removable for upholstery in leather and faux leather.

Sofa with aluminum or dark oak wood feet:

Land feet Sky feet
Piedino Land Piedino Sky
Leg W 25 H. 4 cm placed in proximity of the armrests Leg H. 4 cm placed under the entire structure of the sofa for its entire width excluding the armrests

Product Quality

Struttura interna divano moderno


Really god company in the north-east of Italy. Passion for design, creativity and determination helped with the innovation of the product with new materials and techologies. 

The company was born in the 80's, and became with the years more industrialized. The quality of the product got better year by year, being always the top quality.

Different fabrics cover the material that make the products, paying attention to the legislation and to the clients' needs.


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