Mobile Icaro

Modern mobile with extinguishments and built wooden doors. Mobile available as portalavatrice, base with shelf or sink base for laundry.

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Time of Manufacturing
     30 Days

     Easy assembly

0.51 m3

Product Description


Multipurpose Mobile Icarus ideal for decorating the laundry in a practical and convenient. The doors when opened fall within the mobile eliminating the frontal dimensions and facilitating the operations of loading / unloading of the washing machine. Wooden furniture with clean lines without handles with door opening facilitated by vertical avoidance present at the center of the two front.

Mobile Laundry measures:

  • Based portalavatrice / dryer L. 80 P. H. 89 cm 50/60/70
  • base shelf L. 80 P. 60/70 H. 89 cm
  • sink base L. 80 P. H. 89 cm 50/60/70

Modern mobile available in portalavatrice / dryer version, angle or simply as complete basic internal shelf for storing items and detergents.

Internal dimensions:

  • Based portalavatrice / dryer L. 66 P. H. 86.5 cm 45/55/65
  • base shelf L. 69 P. H. 83.6 cm 55/65
  • sink base L. 69 P. H. 83.6 cm 45/55/65

Product Quality


built with ecological panels in recycled wood. Panels idropan resitenti water and humidity with sand scratch-resistant finishes and made with water-based lacquer.


CATS certificate attesting durability and strength.


Show room Italian company located in Friuli in the province of Pordenone that stands out in the market thanks to the production of furniture for the furniture of the most humble and accommodating space.

The production process is 100% Italian and subjected to numerous quality controls and endurance, which are certified by the strict CATAS tests. For the production they are used ecological materials, with the use of advanced machinery for a millimetric definition in detail.

Logo The production is subject to the original solutions with a design that never goes out of fashion and quality that lasts. nate solutions to take care of daily requiring regular: cleaning, washing, ironing and tidying. The furniture is designed and produced to take advantage of any space with versatile furniture, capable of giving every day comfort, quality and practicality.


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