Materasso Trevi

Mattress in medium capacity, thanks to the springs which give this mattress the characteristics of robustness and comfort to always keep the spine axis.

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     20 Days

da 0.39 a 0.87 m3

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The mattress Bonnel springs Trevi model is made with selected and reliable material because it was built to be durable, reliable and comfortable, the result of a careful choice of suspension, fabric and padding.

The springs in phosphated steel wire 2.20 mm is wrapped in a box system thick antiaffosamento and overlaid with an insulating diaphragm-weight felt. From both sides it is added to a plate in high density resin to increase comfort. Upon completion of the air mattress padding on both sides and the mixed cotton fabric, quilted.

The mattress is finished with an embroidered band with diamond pattern and 4 sturdy handles that double as with aerator for positioning of the same on the bed floor.

Mattress with medium capacity with a height of 18 cm H. box.

Single mattress measures:
  • L. 80 P. H. 21 cm 190/195/200
  • L. 85 P. H. 21 cm 190/195/200
  • L. 90 P. H. 21 cm 190/195/200
Mattress measures 1 square and a half:
  • L. 120 P. 21 H. 190/195/200 cm
Mattress French measures:
  • L. 140 P. 21 H. 190/195/200 cm
Double mattress measures:
  • L. 160 P. 21 H. 190/195/200 cm
Maxi bed mattress measures:
  • L. 180 P. 21 H. 190/195/200 cm


Italian company that was founded in the 50s, sensitive to the problems of the environment, has directed the production towards products respectful of nature by using natural fibers and fabrics, no matter how good. The company for years knows the importance of a good mattress plays in the rest and sleep of each of us and all the mattresses are made to even out the pressure of the body in the mattress and prevent and eliminate various postural tension and improve blood circulation . Research aimed at improving the welfare of the quality of rest is the philosophy of this brand. The company during the production process follows strict quality standards both with regard to the processing that the raw materials. The raw materials are of Italian or European production, carefully avoiding those products of dubious origin that may compromise the quality. A further guarantee offering is the fact that all production is made in Italy, so only certify products 100% Made in Italy.


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