Materasso Rounded

round mattress to medium downforce Classic Bonnel, independent or latex springs. removable and breathable mattress made entirely in Italy

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     20 Days

da 0.93 a 1.21 m3

Product Description


The round mattress Rounded is a quality product made in Italy, it can be achieved with classical Bonnel, independent or latex springs. Mattress made from a single piece for the entire 210-cm diameter version, in 2 crescents joined by hinge to the versions 220 and 230 cm in diameter.

Orthopedic round mattress medium lift with box H. 18 cm.

Mattress measures:
  • H. 21 cm diameter 210
  • H. 21 cm diameter 220
  • H. 21 cm diameter 230

The mattress can be lined with different materials:

  • Allergy Friendly: hypoallergenic lining with Sanitized antibacterial treatment. soft, breathable fabric with a wonderful feeling of comfort. Hinged on 4 sides and worked perspiration headband with comfortable handles for positioning.
  • Easy:   lining stretch fabric of polyester fiber with soft padding in mixed natural / non-allergenic fiber. The lining is completely hypoallergenic, super-breathable zipper on 4 sides completely removable.
All covers can be machine-washed at 60 ° C.

Product Quality

Covers mattress cover:

  • Fodera anallergica Allergy Friendly: lining fabric made with no trace and breathable and hypoallergenic comfortable. A skin contact her microfibrillata porous structure ensures breathability and feeling of comfort even in unfavorable weather conditions. The fabric is hygienic, does not allow fungi and bacteria to develop inside of its fibers, tough and durable, being its orthogonal to a wire structure (weft and warp) and secure in case of fire. These special qualities are obtained thanks to Sanitized treatment, a system of prevention against the development of germs which avoids the formation of foul odors and prolongs the service life of the fabrics. The sanitized treatment is not an insecticide but blocks the proliferation of fungi and bacteria by preventing germs to draw nourishment from the tissues. Zipper on four sides and machined end of transpiration with comfortable handles for positioning. Machine washable at 60 ° C
  • Fodera easy Easy: Polyester lining fabric with special processing that brings out the beauty and the softness of the fabric. The polyester fiber that makes up this padding makes voluminous and cozy liner even after several washes. The lining is completely hypoallergenic, super-breathable zipper on 4 sides completely removable. Machine washable at 60 ° C


Italian company that was founded in the 50s, sensitive to the problems of the environment, has directed the production towards products respectful of nature by using natural fibers and fabrics, no matter how good. The company for years knows the importance of a good mattress plays in the rest and sleep of each of us and all the mattresses are made to even out the pressure of the body in the mattress and prevent and eliminate various postural tension and improve blood circulation . Research aimed at improving the welfare of the quality of rest is the philosophy of this brand. The company during the production process follows strict quality standards both with regard to the processing that the raw materials. The raw materials are of Italian or European production, carefully avoiding those products of dubious origin that may compromise the quality. A further guarantee offering is the fact that all production is made in Italy, so only certify products 100% Made in Italy.


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