Luvex living room

Design and innovative living room thanks to the stone doors of the cabinets. Modern living room complete with base with drawer and TV stand.

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Time of Manufacturing
     4 weeks/ 6 weeks for polished furniture

<     Medium difficulty

1.02 m3

Product Description


Luvex design living room with balance between form and matter. Composition that enhances the charm of natural materials such as stone, highlighting the highly innovative technology content.

Living room made of stone and wood: W. 420 H. 232,4 D. 35/45/59 cm

Modern living room made of:

  • base 2 drawers W. 180 H. 21,3 D. 59 cm
  • bodyshell with 2 partitions W. 180 H. 40,1 D. 32,5 cm
  • bodyshell with 2 partitions W. 90 H. 80,2 D. 32,5 cm
  • nr 3 trapezoidal doors W. 50 H. 40 D. 2,3 cm
  • folding door W. 90 H. 40 D. 2,3 cm
  • wall units with wooden door W. 40 H. 120,3 D. 45 cm
  • suspended bench W. 240 H. 8 D. 45 cm
  • side H. 33,1 D. 45 Thickness 8 cm

Product Quality


made of wood particle board panels with low class E1 formaldehyde content 19 mm thick, with 4mm melamine backs.


made of wood particle board panels with low class E1 formaldehyde content 12 mm thick.


made with MDF panels or particleboard 23 mm thick.


made of wood particle board panels with low class E1 formaldehyde content 23 mm thick, with an internal structure made of panels 12 mm thick with laminated chipboard bottom 8 mm thick. Invisible guides framework with sliding trolley with anti-release latch and vertical adjustment.


Furniture company at the cutting edge for technique, design and productive detail, guaranteed by years of experience and unmistakeable features of a "Made in Italy" which are eminent in the productive establishments in the heart of the Veneto.

This company exploits its own productive capacity, the versatility of elaborated materials and interpreting the world of furnishing in an unconstrained and innovative manner offers to those who want to give maximum versatility to their compositions more than just a vast range of standard and non-standard colours in order to personalise a collection, but also a choice of original decoration, from modern design to unique graphic patterns, realised also on demand.

Finding productive aspects that enhance their ability to act always in an innovative way, the company also offers personalization with a wide palette of colors of the two species more "trendy" today: ash and yellow pine.

Searching productive aspects that exploit its capacity to present itself in an innovatory way, the company proposes in addition, personalisation with a wide palette of colours from two essences (attributes) that are "trendy"; the ash and yellow pine.


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