Letto Tranks

single bed with or without ideal container for the bedroom of children and young people. Bed comprehensive network wood, customizable in the colors of the headboard and bed frame.

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Time of Manufacturing
     30 Days

     Medium difficulty assembling

0.41 m3

Product Description


Tranks single bed for children, with particular headboard shaped frames formed by wave-shaped. Bed comprehensive network wood, also available with container and configurable finishes.

Measurements bed for children's room: L. 97 P. 202 H. 92 cm (for 90x190 cm mattress)

NB mattress not included.

The access to the storage compartment of the single bed is through the raising of the network from the long side of the bed.

Product Quality


made with ecological panels in recycled wood to 100%, by using a low formaldehyde content adhesives. Eco panels used are produced with certified quality system ISO 9001: 2000.

For the lacquering are used water-based paints, without any harmful element released / dispersed in the environment.


Italian company founded in 1962 in the province of Treviso, by order of 6 entrepreneurs in order to build quality products, using ecological materials.

Company specialized with children's rooms, paying close attention to the materials, quality and security. The products are carefully checked and subjected to various tests to ensure high quality details.

The company grew exponentially recently: now it covers a production area of ​​about 22,000 square meters with use of innovative technologies and trained human resources to achieve high standards of service and product.

The continuous evolution of the company led the production abroad by consolidating the brand and expanding the international market. The company is now relying on its production capacity of made in Italy in Europe.


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