Letto trasformabile Carena

convertible double bed or French with a slow horizontal opening. Foldaway bed saves space with lower drawers and customizable in various colors.

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     30 Days

     Elaborate difficulty

1.35 m3

Product Description


Foldaway double bed Carena with door to horizontal opening limelight. convertible bed customizable in various colors and available with or without drawers below, for a greater capacity to store objects. The opening of the bed is facilitated by the handle recessed in the front and the movement is controlled by a gas piston which damps the descent.

Measurements bed saves space:

  • French L. 217,6 P. 35/162 H. 156 cm
  • French L. 217,6 P. 45,5 / 172,5 H. 156 cm
  • Double L. 217,6 P. 35/182 H. 178 cm
  • Double L. 217,6 P. 45,5 / 192, 5 H. 178 cm

Measurements bed saves space with lower drawers:

  • French L. 217,6 P. 35/162 H. 178 cm
  • French L. 217,6 P. 45,5 / 172,5 H. 178 cm
  • Double L. 217,6 P. 35/182 H. 200 cm
  • Double L. 217,6 P. 45,5 / 192, 5 H. 200 cm

Not including the mattress. We recommend a mattress French size L. 200 P. 140 H. 18 cm or one double mattress size L. 200 P. 160 H. 18 cm. With convertible bed in the depths P. 45 cm you can also enter a maximum height mattress H. 22 cm.

ideal hideaway bed to create a bed in seconds anywhere in the house and when closed becomes a mobile furniture. Inside the bed it can be equipped with the LED lights on the sides and operated by a switch.

Product Quality


realized with chipboard panels of thickness E1 class 38 mm


realized with chipboard panels of thickness E1 class 22 mm


made of chipboard panels E1 class 22 mm thick.


Orthopaedic with painted iron structure with epoxy resin and beech wood slats


made of chipboard 22 mm thick, internal melamine wood color, retractable guides with slow motion.


maximum bed capacity 200 Kg


And 'obligatory the wall anchorage at fixing points, as shown in the assembly diagram, using the metal brackets provided of 9 mm diameter. Anchoring to plasterboard walls do not guarantee the sealing.

There is compliance with the assembly and attachment to the wall is entirely up to the installer.


Italian company founded in Carugo in the 30's, its history is rooted in the tradition and it started as a craft workshop. Today it is a leader in the furniture industry and in particular with bedrooms and convertible beds.

Company that thanks to the passion, tenacity and forward-looking entrepreneurial skills of the founders and the generations that have followed achieved high production standards. Over the years the company renewed, keeping pace with the times, optimizing the production stage by acquiring advanced technology systems and upgrading production lines with sophisticated computer equipment, allowing to be always up to date with innovation, without forgetting the manual and human creativity.


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