Divano Clint

Modern sofa with angular peninsula or bench, available in different sizes. Sofa in leather or fabric, comfortable and functional with removable seating and reclining headrest in various positions.

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guardando frontalmente il divano indicare posizionamento panchetta/penisola

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Time of Manufacturing
     35 Days

da 2.36 a 3.68 m3

Product Description


Modular sofa with Clint peninsula capable of leading to true relaxation thanks to the adjustable headrest mechanism in multiple positions. Also for added comfort you can have removable seats to stretch out your legs while sitting comfortably. Sofa contemporary aesthetic design, by the exception minimal and profoundly linked to current lifestyles.

To further improve the comfort, with removable seats, we recommend using the back cushion.

Modular sofa elements with peninsulas and benches

  • Side 2 places L. 140 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • Side 2 places L. 160 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • Side 2 places L. 180 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • Side 2 places L. 200 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • Side 3 places L. 230 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • bench L. 102-112 P. 160 H. 76/97 cm
  • Angular peninsula L. 102 P. 185-205 H. 76/97 cm
  • Angular peninsula with ottoman L. 102 P. 218-238 H. 76/97 cm
  • kitchen peninsula with 1 or 3 reclining headrest L. 105 P. 220 H. 76/97 cm

Detail sofa measures:

  • seat height from ground: 44 cm
  • armrest height from floor: 60 cm
  • depth with open removable seat: 140 cm
  • armrest width: 23 cm

Sofa with completely removable cover for the fabric cover, partially removable cover for leather and eco-leather.

Modern sofa from the current design, complete with low or high feet available in various models and finishes.

Product Quality

Struttura interna divano

  1. seasoned wood structure and agglomeration
  2. Seat springs elastic straps in propylene fiber and latex 80mm thesis mechanically
  3. Velvet lining coupled with polyester fiber gr 300
  4. Chrome mechanism for moving back / headrest
  5. insert seasoned wood
  6. Headrest in polyurethane foam D 18
  7. in polyester wool lining
  8. lumbar pillow made of polyurethane foam D 21
  9. Velvet lining coupled with polyester fiber gr 300
  10. Seat cushion in polyurethane foam D 28
  11. Crowning seat in expanded polyurethane foam, D 28
  12. in polyester wool lining
  13. Armrest in stress-resistant polyurethane foam D 21/30
  14. Cover in fabric, leather or imitation leather
  15. feet


This company was born in the 80's in the north-east of Italy and the quality of the products got better year by year, being always the top. Passion for design, creativity and determination helped rennovating the products with new materials and techologies. 

Different fabrics are used to make the products, paying attention to the clients' needs.


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