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Modern fitted kitchen Mithos customizable online. The kitchen in the promotion is complete with appliances Hotpoint Ariston and in two lengths 330 cm and 360 cm, in riciesta can be custom tailored.

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Country of Manufacture

Time of Manufacturing
     4 settimane / 6 settimane per i lucidi

     Elaborate difficulty

4.94 m3

Product Description


Fitted modern kitchen in promotion with Hotpoint Ariston appliances. simple but functional lines, a work plan designed for an easy management of the kitchen operations, such as the microwave oven and positioned halfway up for a more comfortable and safe use.

A simple cuisine, elegant and refined in a few meters puts everything you need to accomplish all the culinary fantasies that excite us most.

The kitchens of the Moon collection are characterized by doors and drawers 22 mm thick, coated with polymeric material which guarantees a great resistance to water and shocks, situations that often happen in a kitchen living.

The polymer coating has the appearance of yellow pine wood and is available in different finishes, the most used colors of the moment are in combination, the white and the hay that make the environment warm and natural cuisine.

Mithos The kitchens are equipped with the following standard features:

  • doors with Blum hinges incorporated braking system
  • drawers and drawers with Blumotion closure system slowed
  • white interior drawers
  • step handles 32
  • sides to end customized door finish

The kitchen is supplied Mithos compete Hotpoint Ariston appliances such as:

  • Fridge / freezer combined BC B31 AA
  • Static steel electric oven FHS 51 X / HA
  • Microwave oven stainless MWA 121.1X / HA
  • Cooking range from 75 cm to five fires PC 750 TX / HA
  • Dishwasher LTB 4B019 total EU disappearance
  • 2 bowl sink or alternatively 1 bath + SN86M1XHA slide or SN86M2 X HA
  • Kappa apirante and / or purifying HGA 9.5S AB x / HA or HGF AM 9.5 X / HA
  • Mixer chrome mixer tap, Bibo cylindrical GEDA

The composition of the kitchen Mithos can be modified and / or expanded, any reductions in measures can not predict a price cut as this has already created a promotion with a series of basic elements.

For other variants or customized design contact CUSTOMER SERVICE

Product Quality

technical qualities

  • body / drums: melamine of 18 mm thickness. All seams are sealed with polyurethane glue so as to avoid contact with moisture while avoiding the problems of swelling, in the most at risk elements such as under the sink or refrigerator base are inserted in aluminum foil for a further degree of protection.
  • doors / Front Matrix: panel thickness of 18 mm covered with a laminate sheet. Coating based on melamine resin that is applied to panels of wood particles in class E1. The closure assisted flying the ante with new hinges amortized BLUM, allows you to enjoy day after day the same soft closing, silently and gently.
  • doors / drawers: MDF panel thickness 22 mm thick PVC coated good. PVC ensures excellent resistance to liquids and impact and does not require special care in the maintenance. Closing assisted BLUM.
  • drawers: total extraction Tandebox Plus Blumotion of BLUM (closing runners cushioned). Top quality for a certified safety that lasts over time, because the drawers are fitted, such as extractors, end stop, automatic closing and brake assist recall.
  • top / work plans: in bi HPL post-format. It ensures high quality standards related to resistance to scratches, heat, steam, water, stain, impact and abrasion. A request plans are available in other materials such as agglomerates, marble, granite, steel, glass, tile etc.

All panels used in the production of these kitchens, comply with the regulations that limit the emission of harmful substances.
For this all stems are in class E1 (lowest formaldehyde emission). The structures consist of elements with wood composites derived from 100% recycled wood, this allows us to have the label "Guaranteed Ecologico100% Recycled Wood Panel".


Italian company in the North East area, present in the market of modular furniture from 1976.Pannello ecologicoUn dynamic company active in the research of new materials and technologies, to ensure the highest in quality and reliability of its products.
The company also abroad where it has always stood for reliability,
design and creativity that only genuine Made in Italy can express.
The use of certified and environmentally friendly materials are among the priorities.


Il video si riferisce ad una cucina con caratteristiche simili, le ante e gli elettrodomestici non corrispondono alla cucina in promozione.


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