Cucina Amilia

Full contemporary linear kitchen appliances including dishwasher optional. kitchen fixed formation and small available in various colors, with hood view that enhances the design.

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Time of Manufacturing
     35 Days

     Elaborate difficulty

2.69 m3

Product Description


Modern kitchen Amilia laminate, customizable in various colors for the doors, the structure and the work plan. Kitchen consists of a locked refrigerator column, base with drawers and two drawers above portapentole portatovaglie / cutlery, base with oven and mobile sink. The steel hood view stands between the wall units, one of which is positioned to the left of the latter. In the right side of the hood, two wall units are placed, including one in the dish rack version. Full kitchen composition, work plan with a raised edge and the steel sink with drainer and a spa.

Measures linear contemporary cuisine:

  • L. 270 P. 60 H. 216 cm (with hanging H. 72 cm)
  • L. 270 P. 60 H. 240 cm (with hanging H. 96 cm)

Small kitchen locked, with the option to choose between two appliances kit included.

Appliances Kits Candy:

  • Fridge Freezer CFBD 2450 / 2E
  • static black oven FST 100 N
  • Hob 4 burner valves 60 CLG64SPX
  • Optional dishwasher retractable CD1 2120-02

Indesit appliances kits:

  • Fridge Freezer IND 2412 S
  • static black oven FI 20 A.BK
  • hob 4 burner valves 60 PIM 640 AS / IX
  • Optional dishwasher concealed DIF 14 B1EU

Product Quality


made of chipboard 18 mm thick E1 class covered with melamine in various colors.

Drawers and hinges:

Metabox drawers with metal sides with shock. Blum hinges amortized.


made of laminate with thickness of 4 cm post-formed edge or in laminate with Unicolor edge thickness of 4 cm.


made of plastic material with dust seal, coated with melamine paper H. 12 cm.


Azienda Arrex cucine

Excellent Italian company with over 40 years of experience which has made rustic kitchens, classic, modern and built for millions of homes and families in Italy and in the world.

Company founded in 1973 in the province of Treviso that over the years it grows, expands and becomes known throughout the world for the quality and the proposed design. Already in 1995 the plant was spread over 50,000 square meters, which represented offices and production area in which they are made kitchen furniture with strict quality control.

Azienda Arrex Ducati

In year-on-year, the company increased its fame for advanced technologies, materials used and the quality of the products, which have meant to create a line of high-level technology, design kitchens and innovation in collaboration with a well-known brand like.

Today the company offers 50 models of kitchens, with more than 6000 different finishes and colors representing one of the best companies of the Made in Italy, established and constantly growing day by day.


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