Crimi living room

Composition living room with desk and original library terminal element. equipped designer wall with drawer, folding door and wall units complete with LED lights.

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Time of Manufacturing
     35 days

     Medium difficulty assembling

0.98 m3

Product Description


Living room furniture with Crimi desk very large and original library terminal face outward. The projecting plane, thick is a characterizing feature from the aesthetic point of view and can interpret different functions, depending on the height at which it is placed.

Living room wall measures: L. 227 P. 453 H. 33 / 54,8 cm

Living Contemporary wooden with LED lighting system integrated into the compartment that houses which enriches the functionality and visual appeal. Wall composition for the living area, with open shelving for library use, wall units with hinged doors and bases on the ground with hinged door and drawer where to put your TV and multimedia systems.

Product Quality

Shoulders - dividers - shelves:

made with particelledi of class E1 wood panels with low formaldehyde emission, of thickness 30 mm.


made with particelledi of class E1 wood panels with low formaldehyde emission, of 15 mm thickness.


made with wood of particelledi panels E1 class with low emission of formaldehyde, of 20/35 mm thickness. The drawer fronts are made with the rails particelledi E1 wood with low emission of formaldehyde with 14 mm thick synthetic coating plotted jute finish, with 8 mm bottom. The drawer guides inserted in the library are full extension number.

Hinges - whiskers - guides:

Hinges and metal whiskers in nickel finish with a 90 ° opening, equipped with horizontally, vertically and in depth. The hinges are certifed with CATAS durability testing to 80,000 openings (UNI 10715/99, par 10.4). The guides of drawers and frames are with high-slip soft closing with end stop and soft closing mechanism (Blumotion).


Italian manufacturer of high quality furniture since 1968, it is located in northeastern Italy in the province of Pordenone.

Passion, determination and careful attention to the choice of materials creates the working philosophy, which the base for the production of furniture.

Investments from both human and technological sides allow its factory of over 45,000 square meters to produce with elegance and creative development 150 furniture programs, including the day and night area, to maintain a constant increase in the satisfaction of its customers.


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