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Dresser 4 design drawers for the bedroom made of real wood and customizable in various colors in lacquered ash. Dresser slightly rounded with hidden handles in the drawer front.

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Modern 4-drawer dresser Ziky soft lines enriched by sunken handle in the front. The slightly curved shape and handles irregular geometric shapes characterize the design. Dresser for the bedroom made of wood and customizable in various contemporary colors in lacquered ash.

Wooden chest of drawers Measurements: W. 130 D. 55 H. 77.3 cm

Dresser for the bedroom bed complete with round legs H. 18 mm cylindrical, made of plastic material in black matte finish.

Product Quality


made ecological panels composed of wood particles in class E1 and cover in real wood ash.


made from ecological panels composed of wood particles in class E1 and covered with real wood ash, oak, matt or glossy lacquer. Internal Structure 4 sides made with panels from calss E1 wood particles and white melamine coating.


with handles cut in front with slowmotion guides with total extraction.


Furniture factory located in the province of Treviso, known for design and manufacturing details, backed by years of experience and the unmistakable features of a "made in Italy" that enhances the production plants located in the heart of Veneto.

This company uses its production capacity, the versatility of the processed materials and interprets the furniture in a confident and innovative manner, offers versatility, as well as a wide range of standard and non-standard colors to customize their collections, even a choice of original decors, modern design to the unique graphical plots, also produced on request.

Finding productive aspects that enhance their ability to act always in an innovative way, the company also offers personalization with a wide palette of colors.


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