Box doccia 1000-18

Shower enclosure formed by a linear wall with two swing doors in tempered glass available in various colors. Shower bespoke glass with chrome profiles, ideal for niche solutions.

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     30 Days

     Elaborate difficulty

0.25 m3

Product Description


Doors recessed shower 1000-18 made of tempered glass with magnetic closure. Shower cabin formed by a single side with glass doors with external opening hinged on fixed sides which allow an opening of more than 90 °. ideal solution to create a recessed shower between two walls, making the most of available space. Glass doors with accessories and aluminum profiles chrome finish.

Measures shower niche: from L. 115 to L. 183 H. 195 cm

Shower with customizable swing doors in the choice of crystals which are available in: clear glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, glass stop sol and cloud glass (frosted in the middle to become transparent in the upper and lower extremities).

Product Quality


in tempered glass of 6 mm thickness. The tempering is carried out by bringing the panel to a to a temperature of 700 ° C and then abruptly cooled with jets of cold air. This procedure, identical to that used for the manufacture of the crystals of cars, makes these panels extremely elastic and impact resistant. In rare cases, rupture the panel will crumble into tiny fragments not sharp.

How to take measurements:

it is recommended to take the action after laying the lining, starting from the lining itself up to the outside edge of the shower. then check that the wall on which will be fixed the shower there are no accessories. In the presence of Greek or bulls in the coating, indicating the height of the same.


quality product with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008


Box Showers 2B was founded in 1975 in Soliera in the province of Modena by the inventor Bruno Bonaccin. Over the years the company became a leader in the production box-doccia shower cabins thanks to a totally Italian production and continuous research in innovation.


2B covers covered area of ​​about 30,000 square meters, which includes an automated vertical storage system designed for the prompt delivery and two plants in which it carries out production with automatic machines and manuals that require the presence of about 120 people. The capacity not the company to combine manual work to automatic has meant to create a high quality product answering honors the request of the market, establishing itself in Italy and abroad as one of the first companies to realize box showers made in Italy.



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