The first thing you should do immediately after receiving the goods is to verify that the number of packages is as specified in the transport document. If the number does not match, please notify this on the transport document provided by the courier and inform or Customer Service via email.

Following this, check the state of the packaging, which must be complete in all its parts including the closing strips.

If there are obvious damages to the packaging of the products, you can refuse the delivery, indicating on the transport document provided by the courier the reason for the refusal. Please be detailed and not generic, and specify: refused for visibly damaged/wet/dented/torn packaging. If the packaging appears perfect externally and you have requested the delivery at home, it is duty and obligation of the customer to attend to the unpacking of the goods. This protects you in case of evident damages to the products after removing the packaging from the goods. Otherwise, firm A & D srl declines every responsibility regarding the integrity of the goods. Any anomalies regarding the product and discovered after removing the packaging must be notified to our Customer Service within 8 days by e-mail or by telephone (0434 1750013).

In both cases we require a photographic and detailed documentation of both the packaging upon delivery and of the assessment of the damage.

We recommend you open the packages very carefully, especially when using sharp objects, as these can cause damage to the contents with easily recognizable marks. Furthermore, damages of this sort are not covered by any warranty. You should also check the items before the assembly phase as, if there are any problems caused by manufacturing defects, it is advisable to stop, document photographically any problem, and report it promptly by mail or phone to our Customer Service.
When assembling the items, it is important to handle packages with extreme care and to carefully follow the installation instructions. Again, if you were to find defects, you should inform us as soon as possible. The original packaging should be stored until the end of the assembly phase, since in case of replacement, we require that the items are re-packaged using the original packaging.


In order to enable us to assist you in the best possible way all the instructions mentioned so far need to be strictly followed. In the event that you did not accept the delivery with the reserve clause, we will be unable to respond to any damage occurring to the goods delivered.