instructions for assembly


Arredo Design Online offers thousands of products in the catalogue, and many of these require to be assembled at home.

Professional assembly is a service that the customer can ask for at our Customer Service. It must be requested by the customer prior to shipment of the goods so that the specialists can carry out the delivery and its installation on the same day.

The cost of the service varies depending on the product, and the approximate time that will be required for proper installation. After receiving a request for professional assembly, our Customer Service will send the customer a quote with the price listing for the service that will have to be paid before the shipping of the goods.

To help the client in choosing the products and before preparing a quote for the installation service we indicate next to each product the degree of difficulty in assembling the article. Most products are pre-assembled and the assembly phase consists simply of putting the pieces together (e.g. to assemble hanging cupboard shelves all you will need to do is fix the door instead of having to assemble the back, sides, top, hinges...). For this reason, sometimes putting the item together can also be done by customers who have no experience in the field, as they are helped by the installation instructions that usually come with the product.


For the installation of suspended furniture, we invite you to check carefully the wall (drywall or masonry) for the use of appropriate anchors (not always supplied) before assembly. Also, check that there are no pipes or electrical wire where you wish to apply the anchor.
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Below is a table useful in assessing the difficulty of the assembly of the purchased product. The table gives an indication in terms of experience, knowledge, and manual dexterity in using specific tools.

No assembly required/easy assembly

The products in this category are items that are either ready to use and that do not require any assembly operation or that are easy to assemble. No specific knowledge or particular tools are required, except for a screwdriver at most. In general, the articles in this area are chairs, stools, ottomans, nightstands, dressers and accessories.

Easy installation

This category includes products that require easy assembly operations using screwdrivers or screw guns to complete the item. Included in this category are tables, TV stands, coffee tables, office chairs and desks. In some cases it advisable to carry out the installation with the help of a second person.

Medium installation

The products in this category are beds, hall furniture, wall units and bookcases, which require two people to build them. Furthermore, they require that at least one of the two have experience and knowledge in the field for a successful installation. The products are accompanied by the relevant installation instructions and many times it can be essential to use tools such as drills and screwdrivers.

Difficult installation

This category includes products that require accurate assembly with the use of appropriate tools such as drills and screwdrivers. Thus at least 2 people with good experience, manual dexterity and specific knowledge are required during the assembly phase. For easier installation, the furniture is accompanied by installation instructions that may be articulated but clear. Included in this category are kitchens, closets, bathrooms and fitted bedrooms.

Professional installation

The products in this category require qualified personnel or professionals in the sector, able to carry out the assembly phase with special tools for proper installation. The articles included in this section is custom made furniture, i.e. the furniture that has to be adapted to a particular environments such as closets and wardrobes to be placed in the attic, closets and furniture in specific recesses.