Bagno Donny

modern bathroom consists of two parts: a base part with sink, staggered drawers and large mirror. The second part consists of two cabinets, which are further divided by closed compartments with doors and open shelves.

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     35 Days

     Elaborate difficulty

0.48 m3

Product Description


Modern bathroom Donny on two walls to furnish an environment of significant size. The choices are simple and stylish with elegant countertop top box that creates a pleasing visual effect contrary. The composition plays with staggered levels of the base and the top tecnoril and not aligned with the doors of the cabinets with open shelves. A simple and always effective way to create a cheerful movement.

Measures suspended bathroom furniture: L. 160 P. 52 H. 190 cm

Composition in wooden bath:

  • Base with drawer L. 120 P. 51 H. 24 cm
  • Washbasin unit with drawers L. 120 P. 51 H. 24 cm
  • Top box H. 12 c / sink integrated Tecnoril (bath 70x31 cm H. 11 cm)
  • Mirror L. 120 H. 72 cm
  • LED lamp
  • Roof c / compartments 60 P. 21 H. 72 cm
  • Roof c / compartments 60 P. 21 H. 72 cm

Mixer and siphon are not included.

Product Quality


GRASS made of metal runners to return amortized with metal and quick-release latch system cover.


anodized aluminum in brill finish.


  • laminate: 18 mm panels made of wood particles with a polyurethane bonding edges and internal structure in aluminum gray.
  • lacquered: NOVOPAN panels resistant to moisture and internal structure in gray.
  • Oak: panels NOVOPAN interior finish in gray melamine, hips exposed oak veneer as front.


  • laminate: 18 mm panels made of wood particles with edges to polyurethane bonding.
  • lacquered: MDF panels.
  • Oak: made with oak veneer panels.


This company was born in the province of Pordenone, in the 80's, has grown exponentially, such that in 1991 became one of the national leaders of the 'bathroom furniture industry.

Later, with the expansion of the distribution to foreign countries, this manufacturer becomes an important player on the international market for the bathroom player. Another recent expansion and the consequent growth in production has allowed the company to increase the offer, ensuring the ideal solution for every kind of bathroom furniture.

The modularity of the components allows extreme flexibility in design, allowing for a "tailoring" creating your own bathroom. With a range of over 300 finishes the series, the company offers a degree of customization unmatched, innovative materials and increasingly efficient contribute to the realization of the ideal product for every need of furniture and personal taste.


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