Alena sideboard

Sideboard for the living room available in various sizes with wood or Carrara marble structure. Modern sideboard with drawers or folding doors with the ability to insert LED light profile.

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     35 Days

     Easy assembly

0.74 m3

Product Description


Alena design sideboard That decorates walls and customizes the environment. Sideboard with a balanced geometry; in addition pcs to the design there is technology, functionality and craftsmanship care.

Sideboard for the living room sizes:

  • Small: W. H. 182.8 71.4 D. 45.2 cm
  • Big: 242.8 W. H. 71.4 D. 45.2 cm

The central elements have large drawers or flap doors (opening downward) with a mechanism That Guarantees support and lightness in the movement.

The display space is really pleasant, customized with glass partitions That separated in a discreet way, while the storage space is concealed by the large glossy magnolia lacquered doors.

The outer structure of the wooden sideboard can be 14 mm thick or 51 mm thick. In the version with Carrara marble finish the perimeter of the structure is only 20 mm.

As an option you can place in the top profile of the door LED lighting.

Product Quality

Perimeter structure:

Made of wood particle board panels with low formaldehyde content class E1, 14 mm or 51 mm thick. The marble version is 20 mm thick.


made with MDF or particleboard panels 14 mm thick


made of MDF or particle board panels 23 mm thick, with an internal structure composed of panels 12 mm thick and bottom of 8 mm laminated chipboard. Invisible guides with sliding trolley with anti-release latch and vertical adjustment.


Furniture factory located in the province of Treviso, known for design and manufacturing details, backed by years of experience and the unmistakable features of a "made in Italy" that enhances the production plants located in the heart of Veneto.

This company uses its production capacity, the versatility of the processed materials and interprets the furniture in a confident and innovative manner, offers versatility, as well as a wide range of standard and non-standard colors to customize their collections, even a choice of original decors, modern design to the unique graphical plots, also produced on request.

Finding productive aspects that enhance their ability to act always in an innovative way, the company also offers personalization with a wide palette of colors.


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